About Us

The Border Control Operational Coordinating Committee (BCOCC), under the leadership of the South African Revenue Service (SARS), was mandated by Cabinet in 2007 to oversee and coordinate the functions of all state agencies operating at our country's borders. The BCOCC is the custodian for strategic management of the South African border environment. It was to carry out its responsibilities without changing the existing accountabilities of the different border management agencies.

There is therefore a clear division of tasks between the BCOCC and other state departments involved in border management affairs. It should be noted, however, that the mandate and functions of the BCOCC, are not derived from any specific Act. Its mission is to facilitate inter-agency cooperation and coordination. The BCOCC therefore serves to coordinate the operational approaches of all border management agencies, allowing mutual recognition of compliance with each other's requirements, wherever possible.

Strategic Vision


Our vision for Integrated Border Management is to deliver excellent border management outcomes for South Africa by planning and acting within one framework whilst retaining agency-specific accountabilities.


The BCOCC mission, as the country's principal integrated border management structure, is to facilitate inter-agency cooperation and coordination; smooth and easy transit across the ports of entry for legitimate traffic; whilst at the same time deterring, detecting, preventing and interdicting without prejudice or favour and in accordance with the law, individuals and organisations engaged in illegal cross-border activity. Read more...